Thursday, December 18, 2008

Free Web Games - Play Tennis and Basketball


This is a real fun and exciting game. In this game you are supposed to play 3 set tennis match against the world class competitive players. You will need to win at 2 sets of the game to advance to the next level of opponent.

How to play
- Control the direction of the players with the mouse.
-To serve, click on the player and hold, meanwhile draw the mouse back to toss the ball. Release the button to hit the ball. The direction and speed of the fling after the button is released determines the speed of the ball and the direction of the serve.
-To hit back the ball, set your player near to the ball and he/she will automatically hit the ball. Add on some extra power and hit the ball harder by pressing SHIFT key while hitting the ball.
-Lob over the opponent by pressing CTRL.


This is another addictive and truly amazing game. There are 5 rounds to be completed with 3 attempts in each round. Your aim is to slam dunk as many baskets as you can and gain several points. You have to try to make as many shots as possible in 90 seconds. Remember that basket is your only aim. So grab that ball, choose your favorite dunk shot, fly in the sky and slam it into the basket right now!

-Use the "cursor" to move the hands over the ball.
-Pick up the ball by "Clicking and holding" the mouse button.
-To aim pull the "mouse" back.
-To shoot the ball "thrust" the mouse forward and release the button.

How to play
-Click on the air-meter and choose your style of dunk.
-To make the player run, click on him and hold the button.
-By thrusting the mouse up and releasing the button simultaneously, you will be able to catch air and the maneuver.
-Move down the mouse without clicking to make the player release the ball.

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