Monday, June 1, 2009

Video Game Addiction

People with true video game addictions substitute playing them for normal interaction with friends and family, and the time spent playing them is excessive to the point of interfering with work or school. The time spent at this activity steadily increases as the addiction grows and ending play can bring about withdrawal symptoms of irritability and moodiness. Addictive individuals can spend and average of 70 or 80 hours a week playing these games, reserving little time for work, social life, school or even sleep.

Video Games and Your Kids gathers much of the current research, science and data about why parents should be concerned about their kids spending excessive time playing video (and computer) games. Rather than being the greatest invention since the baby wipe, video games aren't always just harmless fun.

The signs of an addiction in children are easy for a responsible parent to spot. The biggest symptom is the time spent on the computer playing games. Video game time should be monitored just like television watching and the parent must make certain that both activities take place after the normal activities such as family socializing, homework and chores have been satisfied. If a child falls asleep at school often, it may mean that he or she is using sleep time to pay computer games. The child may then lie about the cause of tiredness. The child may also be irritable when not on the computer playing games. If these symptoms are spotted, it is time for the parent to enlist the child's teachers, friend's parent and a professional to help the child overcome this problem.

Adults are harder to monitor but a boss who notices an employee asleep at work or failing performance will certainly discuss the reasons with the employee. It is unlikely that the employee will admit his activity since video game use is usually characterized by feelings of guilt. Friends who notice a person dropping out of activities and becoming irritable or sullen should become involved and discuss the possibility of this problem frankly with afflicted person. It is not acceptable to sit by and wait for the problem to pass. Video game addiction can advance to physical addiction and symptoms such as Carpal tunnel syndrome. Sleep problems, back and neck aches, dry eyes and an increasing failure to maintain personal hygiene. The video game addict has replaced his or her real world with the virtual reality of the game. This person needs all the interest and help friends and family can give him and probably a healthcare professional and support group as well to surmount this problem.

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maria said...

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A. Susanto said...
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Anonymous said...

I know when i purchased PS2 how much i waist time on playing games and failed in the exams and in frustration my dad smashed the PS2 and than i stopped the addiction.

girish said...

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roxy said...

hi guys your informations are so important for parents . i want to thank you for this. best regards for you.
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Anonymous said...

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Natalie said...

Well, game addiction is getting normal nowadays... You have to accept the reality about this thing... and also watching DVD's are also getting unto the roof of mans addiction and I love to watch the hills online

kaushal said...

The way to define addiction is to ask yourself (or him) does playing video and computer games interfere with my everyday life and relationships?

Anonymous said...

Most of MMORPG games creates your unique identity on that game . Its your another identity in your web life. Gamer forgets his real identity and slowly develop his web identity.

Anonymous said...

I was too much game addicted sometimes ago... at my age from 18-24

i mostly played ps1 and then ps2, now I play in pc but not so much addicted like before.. games quality and game playing is gone bad nowadays...

Precious said...

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Precious said...

I love your blog. Very interesting information. I have just subscribed to your feed and bookmarked it.

I am a game addict as well.

Evelina W.

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davarlaw said...

Computer games is a addiction to any one but it has positive effect too. Most of the younger games comes with generous ideas.

adrianneizaguirre said...

Great post. I am an ex gamer too and I still remember the good old days of staying up to 3am playing video games. Wow.

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Ashok said...

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Emilian said...

I remember that I ever forbid my son to play console game. But, one day when I brought him to a fair where kids can play Wii for free, I felt very sad to see him holding the controller and didn't know what to do with it. Since then, I bought 1 for him but still limit the time he can play with it. However, he prefers to play more with his LEGO set which is a relief for me.

Pinnacle said...

Parents will be well informed about game addiction. Thank you for sharing.

Candy Stephens said...

I make it a point to always discipline my son by allowing him to play video or computer games only for 2 to 3 hours a day. That way he knows his limitations and luckily he follows my rules.

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Anonymous said...

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Mistor said...

Haha my brother lost 2 years of his life to Everquest. I wasn't far behind.

Now it's time to play the hell out of starcraft 2

Anonymous said...

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Musclebuilding said...

Im 18 years old. and when i play video games im a complete different person, i get angry if people try talking to me and get in my way and vary annoyed. i hurt people that i love just for talking to me when im playing, if i play a game and i just die with out realizing i just scream at them "WHAT!" when they try getting my atenchen, i hate my self for it and i cant help but to feel guilty for letting it control my life for so long. im coming close to even lose my gf over it. so im feeling like a pretty big loser. she opened my eyes that i have a problem. and i need to fix it. so she made me promise that id give them up...for her. so that's what im doing. its hard believe me i just wanna play gears of war 2 so bad right now but i don't want to break a promise. muscle building

Carmine Grossi said...

Wow is such an easy game to get addicted to. i've been playing off and on for a few years now and have been lucky that i haven't got into it to bad, but with the video game release date of cataclysm not far off i might start playing again eek!

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Unknown said...

:) have to admit - I am addicted to strategy games :) ... but then after a week playing them 20h a day you understand that you are actually wasting your life :/

so, I haven't played games for more than 2-3 weeks recently.. am I lucky? .. I suppose so :)

Joe said...

That is so sad, thanks for bringing that to light. I know so many people effected by this.

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